We’re a unique collection of convenience experts from retail, shopper marketing, media and brand, who have come together with a single shared belief: that there is a better, more controlled, scientifically proven and profitable way to engage with shoppers and increase sales in the convenience store environment.


Shopper behaviour has changed. Shoppers today buy less in bulk, and shop more frequently: buying items from different places based on either price or locality. The independent sector has been one of the biggest beneficiaries of this change.

Convenience Stores in the UK
5% YOY value by 2020*
3.6 Customers visits per week, and those visiting daily
Average basket spend*
*ACS 2016

74% of convenience shoppers will make an unplanned purchase decision instore (IGD 2014). And with habitual shopper behaviour also not set as it is in the major multiples, the opportunity to influence shopper behaviour is heightened - only 22% of convenience shopper missions are for an evening meal, but 61% of shoppers would be open to purchasing an evening meal from convenience (IGD 2014). So there is a market gap...

Independent convenience retailers want a level the playing field with the major grocers.

Brands want communication control and a new method of talking to their target audience in this complicated and fragmented channel: a relevant conversation at the right time and in the right place.

The shopper wants the best deal, relevant to their shopper mission needs.

Put simply, by placing a Hi! Street Digital Media screen in the primary front of store window, we talk to the shopper at the optimum moment of influence on their purchase mission. 

Hi! Street Digital Media uniquely delivers a relevant message and proposition at the exact moment a consumer's mind is most open to influencing and changing their shopper mission. Whether it is a pre-selected mission or an impulse store visit, Hi! Street Digital Media screens are proven to increase sales, basket size and footfall.

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