Campari & Freixenet

Discover how we drove a
160% increase in sales


Campari & Freixenet

Discover how we drove a
160% increase in sales

Aperol Spritz & Prosecco

  • August 2023

The Background

Aperol Spritz has become the Summer drink in the UK, with sales gradually increasing each year. Lockdown helped push home sales up by 17% in 2021, and Campari are keen to keep this momentum up.

Each Summer for the last three years they have run a campaign across our screens, reminding the public that an Aperol Spritz at home is just as refreshing as one bought in a bar, and significantly cheaper!

The Campaign

In August 2023, Campari teamed up with Freixenet and ran a campaign across our screens promoting both Aperol and Mionetto Prosecco.

The campaign was aimed at letting customers know how easy it is to make Aperol Spritz at home, and as all our stores are close to residential areas, the screens were perfectly positioned to target customers at the right time.

August 2023, Londis

The Results

To prove that our advertising had helped Campari and Freixenet to increase sales, we measured sales uplift figures from stores playing their creative, against control stores which weren’t showing the advertising.

Hi! Street Digital stores outperformed the control stores (without advertising) by 65% across the 2-week campaign period for Freixenet and a massive 160% for Campari, proving that path-to-purchase influence is critical to increasing sales in a competitive market.

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